Health Reform “Pay or Play” Road Map for Staffing Companies

There are less than 10 months left until health reform is implemented. We smash through false theories, provide real debate on MEC options, and warn staffing companies of potentially dangerous options to avoid.

Our previous webinars and white papers prove that we have been a consistent source of reliable advice since the PPACA law passed in 2010. Other experts finally agree. If you participate in the health reform decision at your company, you cannot afford to miss this event. Here are a few of the topics that will be covered:

  • Realistic “Pay or Play” options for staffing companies
  • New Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) calculator
  • Private Exchange for the Staffing Industry
  • Dangerous Sales Scams- with over 435,000 health insurance agents losing their commissions under health reform, learn how to identify and avoid the scams.

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Sponsored by Essential StaffCARE.

Impact of Health Reform on Staffing

This webinar will review the latest updates on health reform and the impact it will have on the staffing industry. Essential StaffCARE has created a Task Force of industry experts to help staffing companies estimate how these changes will affect their company. This webinar also provides a “reality check” of where the private insurance market stands today so you can have a clearer view of your options.

Impact of Health Reform on Staffing

Essential StaffCARE has created a Task Force of industry experts on health reform to help guide the Staffing Industry through this transition. This webinar will cover the most recent updates on health care reform, including strategies that you can employ to stay ahead of the curve. We will present step-by-step instructions to help staffing companies navigate through health care reform in an easy to understand format.