Webinar Series VII

Discussion Overview

  • 1

    New Plans

    New Minimum Value Plans & Wellness MEC Plans for the Staffing Industry.

  • 2

    Pros and Cons

    The Advantages and Disadvantages on Each Pay-or-Play Strategy

  • 3

    Warning Signs

    The Unintended Consequences and Potential Pitfalls

  • 4

    Future Trends

    The Inevitable Path of Healthcare in the Next Five Years

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Recent Webinars

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  • Balancing ACA Coverage Options, Cost & Compliance

    August 13, 2015

    Learn the latest on the ACA marketplace, trending strategies, benefit and insurance products available, managing risk and compliance & reporting

  • An Equifax and ESC Joint Webinar: Navigating ACA as a Staffing Company

    May 28, 2014

  • Proceed with Caution: Navigating the Ever-Changing ACA Minefield Without Losing Your Company

    May 6, 2013

    ACA Today: How did we get here, and where are we going? Pros and Cons of New ACA Developments How…

  • I’ve been following this issue since early 2008, and this is the best, most precise and most informative presentation of the known facts of ObamaCare to date. Thanks Much!

    John Carney, President of the Carney Group

    This has been the most informative of any of the webinars on ACA I have seen yet.

    Evelyn Geaschel, HR Manager of Staffing Solutions, Inc.

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